Intensive Identity Study

When: Begins Tuesday, September 10th 6:30 p.m.
Where: 1514 Amelia Dr. Cedar Park, TX 78613
Cost: $20 - Includes the workbook and helps offset food costs.


About Discover + Remember

At some point in our lives—if not many times—we are in search of who we are. We are in search of our identity and our purpose. Your identity has many facets, and who you are—the complexity of who you are—is unique, valuable and needed. The purpose of learning about your identity is not a selfish one, but is one of the first steps in growing into the person you were created to be. A person that not only lives for self, but lives to bring glory to God and show the love of Christ to everyone around them. Discover and Remember is a tool to begin your identity journey. Discover now and make a record of what you learn so that later when doubts arise, you can remember

What we’ll discover:

  • Who God says I am as His creation

  • Who I am in relationship to others

  • Hopes the Lord has given me

  • My talents and spiritual gifts

  • What the Lord has spoken to me through my relationship with Him, through Scripture and through the Body of Christ


Tuesday, September 10th 6:30 p.m.


1514 Amelia Dr. Cedar Park, TX 78613

For questions please contact Pam@ShilohCentral.org